Day 2

sorry for delays in post. Long days…

The first Official Day of General Conference was a powerful day. I imagine that every opening of General Conference is. Worship, designed by Marcia McFee was amazing. A call to remember our baptism (who knew Tampa Bay had the most lightning strikes of any city in America?), the procession of the bishops–minus Bev Jones who won’t be her until next week–was truly spine tingling.

The only business we did was try to adopt the rules of conference… What beyond Roberts rules governs our time together. Contentious changes included:
– all legislation not acted on by a legislative committee by Saturday 9:30 is sine die.

– who many signatures required for substitute amendment/ minority report

– who sits on the administrative committees of the general conference (are we proportional or geographically represented?)

One of the quirks to rules of order is that any amendments are referred back to rules committee overnight. So no rules!