Day 3

again, apologies for posting late. This one is only a day late šŸ™‚

The day began with the various addresses to the General Conference. I didn’t get to hear them. I got to do something pretty cool. Well, actually it was tedious but I got to see how the church works. I got hauled in to sort through ALL the petitions, making sure that each was in the correct box to be sent to the right committee. It was amazing to me we found so few errors!

A couple of cool things: Tyler Sit spoke at the Common Witness lunch time. I didn’t get to hear it because of other responsibilities but heard he was great!

Also, Beth Corrie’s lunch to talk about Kairos Response was WAY over subscribed. I know people who left, just to give up their seats to people who needed to hear the story.

Congrats, you two!

Also, our own Jamie Jenkins got himself elected as chair of the local church legislative committee. He’ll do a great job!

Oh, and lastly, remember the rules? They got adopted as submitted initially, after all that fussing.