What Are You Reading

Thumbing through the early May Christian Century, I saw the quote, “It is hard to think of a serious Christian not being a reader”. That is something of a loaded statement, given many sociologists think western society is evolving into a post literate one where media allows for transmission of knowledge in ways that the ability to read is no longer necessary.  Some might say this is a “flattening” of the world, given literacy rates in some parts of the world. And yet, we are still considered “People of the Book.” Reading, hearing, and experiencing Scripture is central to who we are as Christians in the Protestant tradition.

The same could be said about reading, in general. Whether you use an e-Reader, tablet computer, smartphone, or printed book reading is part of who we are. I always enjoy asking people what are they reading. I have to be very careful asking that around fellow clergy, it usually winds up being a list of the most recent church leadership pontificals.

So what are you reading? What’s on your summer reading list? Here’s some of mine:

Book club, anyone?