Do you know him? Have you seen him? He’s the orange, plush octopus who has been my scene stealer side-kick during Vacation Bible School. He’s great. He has a sharp wit and always wears his snorkeling goggles.

I always find it amazing how children will instantly pay attention if you introduce something like an Ocho. Summer is a season full of diversions as well as the occasional distraction. What draws your attention? What distracts? What keeps you from investing your life in those relationships and activities that bring meaning and enjoyment?

When I have the chance, one of the daily diversions I like keep is listening to Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac. Which authors were born on any given day and a poem from someone whose life is connected to that day. Keillor signs off each episode with “Be Well. Do Good Work. Keep in Touch” (which is a registered trademark, by the way).

Over the next few weeks, we’ll trace the lines of each of these three admonitions in worship. They follow remarkably similar lines to another three admonitions, “Do no harm. Do good. Attend to the ordinances of God”, which comes from our own Mr. Wesley.

I hope over the next few weeks, you along with your friends and family, will ponder what a well lived life looks like; what does it mean to do good work, and how do we keep in touch.