Mary Lib Lowery: Reflecting the love and light of Christ

Here’s my submission for Women’s History Month to GCSRW.

Advocating for the full participation of women in the UMC

By Rev. Dave Allen Grady

By the time I gained the privilege of knowing her, Mary “Lib” Lowery was the diaconal minister for children’s ministry at my home church, First United Methodist Church in downtown Birmingham, AL. When we joined the church I was in youth group. I never got the opportunity to be in a children’s program she directed. But I was amazed by her. Every Sunday, as she was making her way from the education building to the sanctuary, she would get mobbed by the children for the singular purpose of exchanging a hug. From time to time, you even saw a middle schooler hover around the periphery. When they’d make eye contact, they would share a brief embrace, too. The fact that this liturgy happened each and every week—sometimes making her almost late for the opening procession—mesmerized me. What was it about her? No one else on…

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