A Window into General Conference

Christian Conferencing takes many forms. Yes, there’s the classical society meetings that we’re hearing so much about in the resurgence of covenant discipleship groups. There’s what we’re doing right now–each legislative committee is dividing into smaller groups and talking about their ministry contexts and greatest challenges to fulfilling the great commission. 

And then there’s smaller, less formal conversations. Here’s one:

So my credentials were not present at registration. Not a big deal. It probably has to do with the difficulty of figuring the order and positioning of “Howard” “Davidson” “Allen Grady”. I found myself in the Secretaries’ Office (on the customer side, for a change). They found me in the database and printed me a credential. 

The person after me was in the same predicament. He had lost her voice. Whispering, she replied to my condolence, “no, no. The great part is that when I DO speak, people have to listen.” I added with a smile, “maybe it will be contagious. Who knows?” Her reply, with glowing face, tiny voice was that maybe this is could be the in-breaking of a 2nd Pentecost–one not where we can understand each other. This time, the Spirit would descend so that we all might listen.

After Bishop Palmer’s Episcopal Address inviting us to lean in and to not undo ourselves, may it be so.