A Time to Lead

Today Bishop Ough, the incoming President of the Council of Bishops, spoke to the General Conference and the Church. While I appreciate the humility the man showed, this was not the speech I wanted to hear. I wanted pastoral comfort. I wanted direction. I wanted leadership in a way that moved the church forward. Instead, […]

2016 General Conference – Day 8

Welcome to the 2nd Week of General Conference! A few words about today: John Street UMC Let me geek out on history a bit. Today the General Church voted on the Trustees of John Street UMC in Manhattan. Why is this important? Because it is, literally, the first Methodist Church in America. I loved reading […]

2016 General Conference- Day 6

“Bring in the Southpaw” I had a distinct honor today. With several of our delegation being away to celebrate either their own graduation or the graduation of a family member, North Georgia had to deploy its entire reserve delegation that was on-hand at the end of morning worship. This meant I had to step into […]

2016 General Conference- Day 5

Hospitality in Communication: We saw it this morning if you were watching the live stream. Moses Kumar, head of GCFA, got so excited about the ministry of the United Methodist Church, someone had to walk on stage, stop him, and remind him to slow down. I would have died of embarrassment if it had been […]

2016 General Conference- Day 4

Rule 44 And on the third day…. Much has been and will be written about Rule 44’s demise, the tea-leaf reading thereof, and what would have happened should it have become part of our rules. I’ll leave that to others. 2 little pieces that I somehow missed both in my own reading and the pro/con […]

2016 General Conference- Day 3

An interesting day as we began our process in earnest: Preach, Bishop One of the hallmark moments of a General Conference is the Episcopal Address. One bishop is selected by the Council of Bishops to address the General Conference and world in a pastoral tone. Bishop Gregory Palmer preached a word that was hopeful, inspiring, […]