Review: Fitbit Force

Over the past week I’ve been breaking in my new geek toy: a Fitbit Force.

Much has been written about the notion of the quantified self. The thought is that through analysis of data about one’s life, we can lead a healthier or better life. While I think there is some merit to this, especially if there are health issues such as diabetes, I also think that taken to the extreme there’s the danger of becoming neurotic. I remember the first time I went to the doctor complaining of tinnitus, the doctor laughed me out of the room. Admittedly, he was a NHS doctor during flu season. I didn’t have blood pressure issues and there’s no correlation between ear ringing and mental health so he told me to go out and enjoy the sunshine (to which I replied, “that’s my line, doc”). But I digress. Continue reading “Review: Fitbit Force”