Saturday Night and the Screen is Glowing

Saturday night. Preacher, you hurriedly rewrite your sermon, your heart breaking yet one more time. Frantic fingers desperately seeking to follow as the Spirit guides. The temptation is Real. The allure is real to let God’s prophetic Word be watered-down, diminished, altered, made more palatable all because of fear. Fear of loss. Fear of diminished […]

The Holy Family, Memes, and Kids in Crisis

I’ve always read Scripture–and experienced God–through the lens of hospitality. Be it Zaccheus being suddenly thrust into the role of sharing a meal with Jesus, Paul finding hospitality as he traveled (except when that hospitality was the jailer’s), Elijah and the widow of Zarephath, or Jesus telling the person next to him that they would be together in paradise, the practice of welcoming people threads throughout Scripture.

It makes sense, then that the Holy Family’s narrative would involve the question of who, exactly is going to provide a place for the birth of the Christ child.

A View From Around the Conference

I’ve spent the past several weeks driving, literally, the width and breadth within the confines of the North Georgia Conference. I’ve seen a lot and even eaten some pretty good barbeque. I’ve learned a lot. Here’s just a few: All the Superintendents really do appreciate the work of their clergy. I saw support, compassion, respect, […]

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Atlanta The past few years have taught me a lot about myself. For example, I learned from a Stengths Assessment that I am distinctly a visionary and not so much for the details. I realized I am also someone who achieves satisfaction not by checking of items on a to-do list but when a […]

Receiving A Season of Silence

I love my District Superintendent. Sure, he does all the D.S.-type things (“pay your apportionments”, “sign up for _______ “, “will you serve on X committee?”). But he’s also very wise and a contemplative. The Monday after General Conference, his weekly email to the district said the following: General Conference is over, but the work […]


I’m ending this day awash in snippets of ideas and images. These are among the ones I’m thankful for: For Bishop Lloyd Knox, for calling my father-in-law (a pastor who was under appointment in the same Annual Conference Bishop Knox served). Here’s how the conversation began: Hoyt: Hello? Bp Knox: Hello. Hoyt? It’s Lloyd. Hoyt: […]

We Need Leaders Who Trust

Following up on my post from yesterday, I think that it is rather clear that our Bishop’s led.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Bishops. They did not demure to the plenary session. They did not let unanimity keep them from leading. To be clear, among the members of the Council of Bishops, there’s the consistent […]